Play Basic Instinct online

Basic Instinct is a famous film, although it may be infamous in your eyes, depending on what you think of the memorable scene where Sharon Stone is interrogated. Now, Basic Instinct has moved from the big screen to any screen you play online slot games on, as casino players can reach for the reels in search of symbols related to […]

Play Barbary Coast online

Barbary Coast is a visually stunning online slot game that looks a lot like a movie series featuring pirates who happen to be in the Caribbean. And while the game is different enough from these pirates legally to not be a concern, players are only concerned with trying to navigate the game’s high seas in hopes of finding great treasure. […]

Play Barber Shop online

There’s nothing quite as therapeutic as a trip to the barbershop, where a refreshing cut and a good conversation are sure to happen. In the Barbershop online slot game, casino players can look for barber shop related symbols while increasing their bankroll. In this Barbershop game review, you’ll find out exactly what to expect when you take a seat in […]